2022 Big Mountain Classic to Begin

Big Mountain Classic

The 5th annual Big Mountain Classic returns after being postponed in 2021 due to covid-19. The Classic has become the most important weekend in the 2nd Semester, as it brings all the top teams together, and has a significant impact on final rankings for these teams. This is why our Big Mountain Classic has continued to grow in number of teams and in reputation as a first class, highly competitive event. As an indication of this, the Classic is becoming more of an invitational event, with requests from many different teams to be placed on the waiting list for the 2023 Big Mountain Classic.

Five of the six Big Mountain Hockey Conference teams will host the tournament with games starting Thursday January 13th. Six of the top ten, ten of the top twenty, and thirteen of the top thirty teams in the West rankings will be participating. We are confident that most teams participating will end up in the top twenty teams of the West rankings, and at least nine of the fourteen teams qualifying for the ACHA Postseason, assuring the most competitive play for every team.

To view the complete 2022 Big Mountain Classic Program or to download the Classic scoresheet click here.